What is jintropin?

If you are a regular visitor to blogs and websites related to such diverse topics as athletics, bodybuilding or anti
aging, you must be wandering what is jintropin. This is because jintropin is a very common name that you will
encounter in sites like this. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular injections to be used. However,
before you too get caught up in the wave, you should clearly know what is jintropin and what it is expected to

The basics of what is jintropin

Here are the main fact that you should know about what is jintropin:

  • Jintropin is a synthetic human growth hormone. The natural human growth hormone is Somatotropin which is
    secreted by the pituitary gland. The secretion of this hormone decreases significantly once growth is complete.
    So, synthetic growth hormones like jintropin are injected to obtain the benefits of human growth hormone.
  • Jintropin is the brand name of the human growth hormone manufactured by GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. in
    China. It is legal and approved for use in China and is shipped all over the world because of the various
    reports of high effectiveness.
  • This synthetic growth hormone is manufactured by the highly sophisticated Secretion Technology with minimum E.
    coli contamination. This is the same technology used to manufacture Humatrope – the hormone approved for
    production in America. Chemical analysis shows that jintropin has the same composition as Humatrope. As the
    labor cost is much less in China, you can obtain jintropin at three times less the price.
  • Jintropin has the exact 191 amino acid sequence that is found in the natural human growth hormone Somatotropin.
    This helps it to be more effective because of two factors. The identical composition helps the body to absorb it
    quickly and without any side effects. Many synthetic growth hormones cause redness, swelling and itching at the
    site of injection, but not jintropin. Another benefit of this composition is that it remains far more stable at
    room temperature for longer periods of time compared to those hormones that have 192 amino acid sequences.
  • Jintropin is highly beneficial in many ways. It stimulates cell division and cell repair. This helps in getting
    rid of spots and wrinkles and adds to the lean muscle mass. It gives a boost to the immune system and helps to
    balance the cholesterol profile. Due to all these benefits, use of jintropin has become very popular.

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